You will agree with me that one of the most tiresome tasks of being a small business owner is constantly establishing loyalty from your current clients, while developing relationships with new ones. It can take months
, and even years to build a great relationship, yet only few minutes to destroy it.

However, having used these tips for a while now I believe they will help you, just like they helped me. Read on and learn them to heart. Put them to use and begin to keep record and enjoy customer loyalty in your small business. Also, share with those in your circles that will benefit from this; just like I just did with you. Let’s roll.

1. Be Honest
Part of establishing loyalty with a client is developing a pattern of transparency so there are no grey areas in your business relationship. Whether in your pricing or delivery, work quality or business-client relationship, you need to hold true to your promises. When you don’t hold true to your word, you not only crush your reputation, you waste other people’s time and money and loose business. Please don’t compromise your honesty.

2. Show Kindness
Everybody wants to be cared for, even me. In your business-client relationships, you have to make it apparent from the beginning that you genuinely care for your customer’s needs. One of the best ways to show you care is to become a great listener. Inherit your client’s vision as if it was your own, and always try to save them time and resources.

3. Have Integrity

You need to hold true to your character and your values as a business owner. Your character and your integrity is all you have at the end of the day. Do not put on a front for a client, if that is not truly how you or your business operates. For your own sake and the sake of your clients, stay true to who you are. 

4. Stick to Your Talent
Your clients trust you for the specific talents that you have. Contain yourself, and don’t go outside your area of expertise. Clients respect those who can direct them to an expert, rather than those who pretend to be an expert. I assure you, this will enhance your talent. And stay abreast of whatever is happening in your industry at all times.

5. Generate Results
People trust people who generate results. You can have all the energy, passion and zeal in the world, but if you do not generate results, it is only a matter of time before the loyalty between you and your client dwindle. I strongly believe in the principle of ‘under promising and over delivering”.

6. Connect Deeper
There is something amazing that happens when you can find a common denominator between you and a client and focus in on that. Whether it is your passion for a certain sport, or your love for your kids, your clients are human and like to have connections with those they work with and/or hire to do work for them. This concept is very similar to how a waiter or waitress tries to connect with their customers for bigger tips and to keep them coming back.

7. Stay Consistent
Most clients are smart enough to weigh their options between different companies before establishing a relationship. If someone hires you, it is most likely because they have done their research and/or like your previous work enough to call you. One of the easiest ways to make them happy and loyal is via your consistency.

8. Practice Grace
Sometimes you are going to get burned. It is not every business-client relationship that will turn out great. There will always be those clients that you just can seem to make happy and they certainly are not loyal. Sometimes a client just needs to know that you are patient and willing to stand firm when the crap hits the fan. You never want to give up, but rather turn the other cheek.

I know that these tips work because they have kept lots of business relationships for me in the past eight years plus. Try them and master them and teach others in your circle; you may never know how many businesses you will help keep their customers loyal. I wish you all the best.

Please if you have additional tips, you can add them as comments for we all to benefit from. Thank you!

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