6 ways IoT is changing the world

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the world. It has improved technology vastly.
We all know that IoT is in diverse sectors and industries in the world with no bounds and its usage is growing faster than we are saying. From supply-chain logistics to public transit, medicine to construction, from automobile to agriculture. The IoT solutions are being used to better business in many ways.

By connecting shipping vehicles with sensors to monitor temperature, it can help ensure goods, especially food, arrive in a safe condition. From Retail to Agriculture, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how companies in diverse industries do business. In this article, let us look at six sectors transformed by the IoT across the world.

You can say this is the biggest industry the IoT have impacted the most. Experts have said that manufacturers worldwide will invest $70 billion in several IoT solutions in 2020. The IoT enables factory operators to know when a piece of machinery may need to be repaired, when there is a decline in production and why, but it also gives insight to steady system efficiently.

It is projected that the IoT device installations in the agricultural industry are estimated to rise to $75 million in 2020 from $30 million in 2015. So, Farmers are collecting data about their crops, livestock, seedlings and more to optimize their yields.

From public transit to supply-chain logistics, the IoT solutions are being used to grow business in many ways. The use of sensors to monitor temperatures and pressures, to know changes and fix things have helped the sector increase in efficiency and profits. Sensors and smart software are being used to collect data that help drivers operate vehicles to save fuel. They are also connected to vehicles and infrastructure to enable high-quality tracking to reduce traffic and accidents.

The IoT is also changing the way energy companies do business. Today, Utility companies are beginning to use smart meters due to the two-way communication, smart meters give. The Internet of Things (IoT) now assist utility companies to get the necessary data to better spot outages, wastage, predict demand and help the companies to know when to scheduled maintenance and repairs.

The IoT is not far from the retail industry. Retailers are already using Bluetooth beacons in stores and warehouses to reach better and serve their customers and suppliers as it helps them know when to offer personalized discounts and run promos.

Connecting the IoT to the healthcare industry means not only increased business efficiency but better service for the patient. For instance, by connecting an MRI machine up to the internet, hospital staff can get alerts for when repairs are needed and what part need to be fixed.

These are six major industries but, the Internet of Things (IoT) cuts across your minor industry too. So, if you have not joined the wagon to increase ease of business, maintenance, data collection, monitoring, growth and rising profits, give it thoughts and get set to join in 2017.

What others would you like to enlighten us about? Leave it in the comment section.

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