Daily Motivation: Aim higher and challenge yourself

The desire to end up higher is a common trait among all of us but, many people only expect to get higher without putting work to it. If you expect more from yourself, you stand to get more from yourself.

There is nothing wrong to focus your expectations on the future based on the events of the past. Some will say it is not an effective strategy in life despite the fact that it is working for others. You, where do you base your expectations?

Daily choose to base your expectations on what you wish to see, happen. Raise your ambitions to match the person you will grow to become.
You must challenge yourself to grow, to be better, to become stronger, to improve and be highly capable. These qualities add value to your life and the lives of all around you. You must grow.
You must grow; you owe it to yourself, to others and the world as a whole. Aim higher if you must attain higher goals and walk your way there. Work to be the best you can be.

Finally, you have done so much for yourself, and you can do even more. Aim higher if you must get there and remember, thoughts becomes things.

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