Daily Motivation: Dare to be more

In order to fly, you must let go of the world you are hanging on to ~ Kurek Ashley #Quote.

Dare to be more

Two years ago when I was going a difficult time, I consulted a mentor for answers and all he gave me was a one line message ~ Dare to do more. I worked with it despite I never fully understood what it stands for. It did help me get out of my troubled waters.

Last year, I stumbled upon a piece by Steve Maraboli that drove the point in. I posted it and it further transformed my life and how I approach things. There is the need to know why you must dare to be more. Success is not a stroll in the park or a session of window shopping. Read the full post: Dare to be.

So, here is today's motivation:

Resolve to stop crawling when you are supposed to be flying. Dare to be more.

Never be silent about things that matter and avoid being complacent after attaining a few goals. Success is a journey of many destinations and not just a single stop. Dare to be more.

Happiness is like jam; you cannot spread a little without getting some on yourself. #Change is good, if you challenge your limits. Dare to be more.

Believing in yourself is a major step if you must see a positive change in and around you. Things will not turn around until you believe in yourself and your actions. Dare to be more. 

Learning to master and control your inner person is one of the greatest goals in life. Seek help and get a coach; you will get far greater results. Dare to be more.

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