Daily Motivation: Live your life forward

Today's motivation is on how to live your life forward and not backward.
Learn not to to be sad or full of regrets about missed opportunities. Always be excited about and enthusiastic about available opportunities so as not to miss them.

Learn from your past, garner joy, wisdom, inspiration and experience from the past to made smart decisions for the present and the future. Take all you need from the past and leave the rest in the past.

Raise your head up from where you are now and live your life forward with motivation and the highest of expectations. Now is the best time to build on the goodness in your life. 
Take your time and meditate on all the things you can do today that will impact and make tomorrow better. Think that way and act boldly on those thoughts, daily, weekly and monthly.

Every moment is an opportunity to make a difference. Use each opportunity every moment for positive purposes and then, delight in the results and outcomes and live your life forward.

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