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Never stand begging for anything which you have the power to earn. Be creative, innovative and full of zeal, zest, and purpose. There are very few things you cannot achieve if you set your mind to plan, fail, learn and grow. Failure is a catalyst to success many people dread because they don't know.
Be free and be unique, show the world you can make it. Do not be boring when you can be wild. Add a bit of mildness and always get feedback from others. You can be a startup today, and a big brand shortly but, work hard so that the business will not close up or go bankrupt.
Whenever you see a successful business, know that someone once made a courageous decision [Peter Drucker]. Constantly think about how you could make things better and keep questioning yourself [Elon Musk]. If you have the courage to begin, then you have all the courage you need to succeed.
The old mantra of ‘be everywhere’ is quickly being replaced with ‘be where it matters to your business’ [Mike Stelzner]. Life is 10% what happens to you or your business and 90% of how you react to it yourself or as the business [Charles Swindoll]. Sir Richard Branson do not think of work as work and play as play; it is all a part of living. Think like this.
Well done is much better than well said. I have done my bit to inspire and motivate you today, do your bit to take action steps that are decisive, bold and well thought. Remember, there is not a substitution for innovation. Original genuine ideas will always rise to the top [Sir Richard Branson].

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