We Need: Today's motivation

Your life is unlimited. Live it. Do what is right, not what is easy. A strong mind is better than a brilliant one. Here are some of my thoughts for today.

#1. No matter how you travel Enjoy The Journey and not just the time spent. This can be likened to the Adventures of Your Life.
#2. Life can get tough, but so are you. Get tougher.
When the going gets tough, that is when the toughness in you comes out. Learn to bring out the giant in you.

#3. We all have goals. Help those around you, and you will find help when you need it. With teamwork, everyone achieves more. With individual efforts, you get worn out and break down.

#4. We are a reflection of the people around us: in our thoughts, actions, emotions, success, spirituality, reaction and more. Your environment is who you are.
#5. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are ~ Theodore Roosevelt
There is power in doing things. You might not have all you need but, if you start with the things you have, you will end up maximizing them beyond the things you do not have.

#6. Stop wishing and start doing.
It is not enough to have goals, without action they become mere dreams. Taking steps define you, your pace, your growth, your success and your future. Taking action is who you are. One of my favourite mantras growing up is: There is genius in action.

Note, anyone that refuses to take steps for years remains in the same position for the period with the same information and level of success. As you have read these lines, decide to start doing the things that will move you forward. Don't allow Procrastination stop you.

Stay motivated
Stay connected
Be successful

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