Technology: 5 Ways to Combine Outdoor Lighting

Technology is changing every day, adding innovation and creativity in outdoor lighting, to do more than just beautify homes. Technology allows low voltage lighting in advance and provides affordable control and options that increase safety and security of homes, walkways, steps, pools, ponds and more. Below are five ways technology makes outdoor lighting both safe and cost-effective.

#1.  An astronomical timer allows you to schedule your system to go on every day at dusk and goes off at dawn with daylight time-saving factors. It never needs adjusting. It makes your light go dusk till dawn.

#2.  LED bulbs keep operating costs low every month. Technology now allows low voltage lighting to run more energy efficient bulbs than ever hence; bulbs with 3 to 5-Watt range can burn for over 40,000 hours.
#3.  Zoning and diming allows you to separate any property into lighting zones. So, you can have your path lights on all night while the accent lighting on trees is off. You also have control over the brightness of your fixtures.    

#4.  Adjustable color fixtures allow you to control individual fixture colors. You can change the color of a zone or a few lights to draw attention to a particular area and the colors can be changed via a mobile app installed on your phone.

#5.   Outdoor lighting eliminates dark spots without bothering the neighbors. Everyone wants to feel safe at night without having to bother your neighbors. Low voltage lights, when managed effectively, are very soft and eliminates dark corners to increase safety, beauty, and awareness.

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